Do you want to live to a quality age 100 +?

Do you want to live to a quality 100 years old?


Hi, I am Debbie from Debbie Does Health 2 and I am passionate in helping people reach their goals starting today in health of the body, mind, and soul because my goal is to reach 100 years old+.   Now, you might say, that's a pretty lofty vision.  I am fortunate to come from great midwestern genes.  My Dad, who just turned 95, is still living a quality life living at home.  He told me the other day he wants to live to be 100 so he can bowl a few more years.  My Mom just passed away in January of 2014 and was almost 92.  My parents had just celebrated their 71st anniversary.  Pretty amazing, right?  Health plays an important role in each of us daily.  That is why I have searched for great tips on health, and I want to share them with you. I truly believe that embracing  and learning more about your physical, emotional, and spiritual beliefs helps you understand more about yourself.  

So let me ask you, Do you want to live to a quality age of 100?  


Follow me for great tips, motivational books to read, and great health products that I have endorsed.  I believe life is about stories, and stories are life.  So let's make every story of your life a good one.  I plan on having lots of stories to share because I am only 52 years young now.  The best half of my life is just about to begin.  


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Below is more about me and my inspiration, my parents.  






In 1942, an Iowa farm guy name Dale and a native Iowa girl name June met in Baltimore, MD. After a short courtship they decided to TIE THE KNOT on 11/25/ 1942. They had grown up in the great depression era about 30 miles away from each other in Central Iowa but had never met. They had both left home and moved out East trying to find work. WWII had begun but Dale was not drafted and was working at the DL MARTIN factory. June was working for the Department of War. Soon after getting married they decided to move back to Iowa to raise a family and work on the Kasischke’s Farm. They went on to have 7 children: Alice, Dennis, Robert, Harry, Karen, Paul and Debbie, who have had Many grandchildren and great grandchildren. They have seen a lot of change in their married life of 71 years. Dale still lives at Home in Hubbard, Iowa, walks most days, and bowls on every Friday night. June just passed away in January of 2014. Dale is 95, and June was just shy of having her 92nd birthday. 

They are truly an inspiration.  

My Mom just passed away at 91 in January of 2014. My Mom raised 7 kids, helped Dad on the farm, and worked. She was an amazing woman.
Here is a picture of my Dad. He didn't start reading until his late 80's. He reads every day. My Dad is my inspiration. 95 years YOUNG.

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